Using Your Footer To Improve Site Optimization

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We will discuss how to optimize the footer, header and images that expand over the entire portion of a website. We will also touch on the importance of unique title tags and description tags. The end result of these tips will be a few changes that need made to your website.

Using The Footer

The footer of your website is the last portion of the page, literally all the way at the bottom. Footers can be used to improve optimization by including your business’s address and phone number. This information will then be used by search engines to reaffirm your location relevance.

Optimizing Headers & Logos

Optimizing the headers & logos used across many pages can play a large factor in helping achieve a high ranking for your homepage keyword. Two elements of an image can be optimized. The file name and alternative text. The image file name and alternative text should include your homepage keyword and the name of your business.

Importance of Unique Title & Description Tags

During the eighth post we discussed how to optimize individual pages and one aspect was to include the keyword a page is being optimized for in the title tag and description tag. When taking a look at the website as a whole its best to use what is called the halo effect to achieve site-wide optimization. Here is an excellent graph describing the concept.

Using the website map created in post six review the list of pages on your website and write title tags and description tags that support your homepage keyword while remaining unique to the specific page.


About the Author: Jeff Howard is a guest author on expand2web. Jeff has delivered SEO results for major consumer oriented websites all the way down to local businesses, and writes a column for Search Engine Guide.